Presidental welcome

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,


It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us for the 2ndBalkan Rhino-Forum (Sinusitis, Skull Base & Rhinoplasty Symposium) which will be organized in conjunction to 4thSymposium of Rhinology & Allergy Association of Serbia (RAAS), to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 04 to 06 April, 2019.
This meeting will be organized by Rhinology & Allergy Association of Serbia and under the auspices of European Rhinologic Society.

We are proud to bring together some of the world leaders from different areas of Rhinology and Allergy, Endoscopic and Skull Base Surgery, as well as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the nose.

Our aim is to foster the Symposium’s openness to all parts of the world, not only to participants from Balkan countries. That is why we will make sure to request the collaboration from colleagues from the United States of America, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and other countries in order to involve them in the program.
In addition, we will keep the interests of our young colleagues, residents and young Academics in mind when designing the program.

The 1stBalkan Rhino-Forum was organized very successfully in September 2017 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia by my dear colleague, Professor Gabriela Kopacheva Barsova.

In conclusion of this welcome message, my dear colleagues from the Organizing Committee and me would like to say that, above all, we wish to have a productive meeting in a friendly atmosphere.

See you in Belgrade.


Assist Prof. Aleksandar Perić, MD, PhD

President of Rhinology & Allergy Association of Serbia