About RAAS

The Rhinology & Allergy Association of Serbia (RAAS) was founded in December 2015 as a part of ENT section of the Serbian Medical Society. The RAAS’s mission is to serve, represent and advance the science and clinical practice in the field of rhinology. The Society promotes excellence in patient care, research and education in the fields of inflammatory nose/paranasal sinuses and skull base disorders, as well as in the fields of functional, reconstructive and esthetic surgery of the nose as well as endoscopic sinus surgery. The RAAS is dedicated to providing communication and fellowship to the members of the rhinological community through on-going medical education and social programs. The RAAS continuing medical education activities serve to promote research and to improve professional competence in the treatment of patients with rhinological problems. In very successful cooperation with Medapp Society, RAAS organized to date three annual rhinologic thematic symposia with international participation, all in Belgrade. The first one was organized in April 2016 and the first topic was chronic rhinitis. The second one was organized in April 2017 with the main topic “United airway” and the third one in March 2018 with the central topic “Chronic rhinosinusitis”.

So, our fifty-three RAAS members from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina feel excited and privileged to organize the 2ndBalkan Rhino-Forum (Sinusitis, Skull Base & Rhinoplasty Symposium), the first scientific meeting in Serbia that will be organized under the auspices of the European Rhinologic Society.