About MedApp

MEDAPP Association was founded in 2014. with a primary goal of introducing modern digital and information technologies in the fields of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy education.


Today we are developing online e-learning platforms, digital books and complete digital books delivery systems in the form of e-libraries.

We have also significant results in fields of medical web sites, Android and iOS applications development.
Our teams are always composed of creative designers, programming developers and medical doctors striving to deliver the best of function and design.

In the years behind us we had many successful projects done for institutions, private firms and individuals.


MEDAPP Association is offering complete event management and organization with the latest digital technology material and media coverage.
We can record your event or organize live video conferencing or video stream during the event.

We are especially proud of our prior collaboration with the Serbian Medical Society and Rhinology and Alergology Active of Serbian Medical Society with which we work since the Active was founded. Together we have organized a number of seminars and congresses during the past few years. These events had quite a positive impact on rhinology development in both Serbia and the region.

We are happy to be a part of The Second Balkan Rhino Forum organization.


If you have any further questions about the MEDAPP Association or have ideas we can work on together, feel free to contact us via our email: office@medapp.rs.


We are looking forward to see you in Belgrade,